‘Grassroots’: Oral History and the British Black Power Movement
Online on TWTtv
1PM – 2PM
TWT_039 oral history black power Panel

The phrase ‘Black Power’ is most often associated with the US, but alongside the American Black Power movement of the 1960s and beyond, Britain too experienced the growth of militant Black Power movements. Join us in conversation with Zainab Abbas of the Black Liberation Front (BLF) to explore the history of Black Power in Britain, the BLF and the process of recording this radical history.

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Annie Olaloku-Teriba is currently researching for a PhD in Psychosocial Studies. Her work explores the making and re-making of race in Britain through Black radical resistance.

Zainab Abbas is a former member of the Black Liberation Front.

Perry Blankson is a Tribune columnist and a project coordinator at the Young Historians Project. He is a member of the Editorial Working Group for the History Matters Journal.

A.S. Francis is a PhD student at the University of Chichester, researching women’s involvements in Britain’s Black radical organisations in the 1960s-1980s, and the development of a Black women’s movement. Francis is a consultant to the Young Historians Project, member of the History Matters collective and co-founder of the History Matters Journal, and soon-to-be-published by Lawrence and Wishart.

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